Following Javier Milei's election as Argentina's president, bitcoin increases by 2%.

With the election of Javier Milei as the new President of Argentina, the value of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin has increased by 2% and over the $37,000 threshold today. Despite not intending to accept Bitcoin as legal tender, Milei, who is well-known for his libertarian economic beliefs and sharp criticisms of centralized banking systems, has connected with the cryptocurrency community.

Investors and cryptocurrency aficionados were moved by Milei's victory on Sunday and are hopeful that his radical economic reforms will stimulate economic growth and draw capital to Argentina. His proposals to combat the nation's over 140% inflation rate include dollarization and the dissolution of the national bank.

Well-known cryptocurrency industry people like Michael Saylor and Arthur Hayes have congratulated Milei on his win. Although Milei's platform did not specifically support pro-Bitcoin measures, Fernando Nikolić voiced confidence, saying that the president-elect's emphasis on monetary independence is consistent with the tenets of Bitcoin. Additionally, according to Iván Paz, Milei's initiatives would spur development and improve the climate such that the cryptocurrency will naturally gain traction.

Milei's multifaceted background includes social as well as economic concerns. His hostility to sex education and skepticism of climate change caused by humans have caused controversy. In the financial community, however, his position on cryptocurrencies as a private sector countermeasure against fraudulent monetary systems has found favor.

The president-elect has hinted at large budget cutbacks, including the elimination of ministries. During his campaign, he used a chainsaw metaphor to emphasize departments that would be removed, signifying drastic reductions in public spending.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has a $31 billion debt owed by Argentina, and its Kristalina Georgieva has stated that the IMF is eager to work with Milei's administration. This follows congratulating the recently elected president, who is frequently drawn to former US President Donald Trump because of his similar populist appeal, although they have different personal ideologies that shape their political philosophies.

The world market and investors are keenly observing how Milei's government will handle these issues and whether or not his leadership will actually result in more economic freedom and investment prospects in Argentina.